Business Transaction Patterns

An analysis of Real-World Business Transaction Data. By Toby Tatum


toby-tatum-business-transaction-patternsTransaction Patterns is an extremely valuable reference book for both the business appraiser, the business broker and anyone else wanting to know the statistical details of a business sale. The data has been carefully compiled from the BIZCOMPS database, one of the the foremost small business sale transaction data bases in the United States. This reference tool has exceptional value to appraisers and brokers in two very different ways:

  1. It presents conclusions from an analysis of the entire BIZCOMPS database that are valuable for citing in small business appraisal/valuation reports in support of appraisal conclusions. The data may also be used in legal proceedings relating to justification of business value.
  2. It shows techniques for the appraiser to conduct analysis on any subset of the data that may be most relevant to a particular small business. In fact, just about half of the data deals with results of statistical analysis that he has performed on the entire BIZCOMPS database or selected subsections of it, often categorized by industry. The second half of the book is a basic primer on applying and interpreting statistical analysis in estimating values for small businesses.


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