Step-by-Step Procedures for Preparing a Successful Business Purchase Offer


toby-tatum-anatomy-of-a-business-purchase-offerThis unique book provides you with all of the practical hands-on knowledge you need to make a successful purchase offer to buy a business. We don’t know of any other product on the market like this. Another exclusive! The author uses an actual Purchase Offer form to show you exactly what needs to be written and why! He details all of his recommendations in a line-by-line format for each and every aspect of the purchase offer. All of this book’s 132 pages are loaded with very specific and highly useful information you must know to help you to successfully purchase an existing company. There is no other publication of this kind available anywhere!

The principal perspective of this book is one of providing advice to would-be business buyers. However, it is just as instructive for sellers because it allows them to “walk in the other person’s shoes” and perhaps for the first time, begin to appreciate all of the concerns a buyer typically has about buying a business. It is important for business sellers to realize that the act of buying a business is more difficult, more time consuming, more stressful and much more fraught with risk than that of selling a business.

The included Interactive Business Purchase Offer Form is extremely easy to use – just fill in the blanks for your specific situation. All the typical wording is already provided for you.


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