Meet Mr. Tatum

Toby.68 Toby Tatum



Valuation Expert, Author, Speaker, Columnist, Business Man, Veteran

Former President, CEO and CFO of a multiple-location franchised restaurant business. Built the company from 1 unit grossing $300,000 a year to 6 restaurants, employing 275 people, grossing approximately $9 million a year. Managed company finances and financial record keeping. Developed and implemented unit-level cost analysis and control systems plus extensive employee training program incorporating handbooks, manuals, audio-visual programs, seminars and performance evaluations. Created comprehensive system of company policies and procedures as well as management and hourly employee compensation programs, including financial and non-financial incentive programs.

Financial and Statistical Analysis Skills and Experience

Substantial knowledge, skill and experience in Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet analysis plus operating cost analysis and control as well as sales, costs and earnings forecasting. Experienced in capital project budget planning and control. Expert at developing supplementary, non-financial statement planning and control worksheets in Microsoft Excel. Highly skilled at estimating the fair market value of privately owned businesses.

Certified Business Appraiser conferred by the Institute of Business Appraisers.

The second of only four people in Nevada to obtain this very-difficult-to-earn credential.


[icon_list_item type=”check”] Highly knowledgeable regarding the mergers and acquisitions of privately owned businesses. [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) conferred by the International Business Brokers Association. (resigned from the IBBA in 2007) [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Currently the only person approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division to teach the Division’s mandated 24-hour course for the Business Opportunity Brokerage Permit. [/icon_list_item]


Accomplished Author


[icon_list_item type=”check”] Author of Anatomy of a Business Purchase Offer: step-by-step instructions to successfully close a deal. [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Author of Transaction Patterns: Obtaining Maximum Knowledge from the Bizcomps Database.  This is a book on applied descriptive and inferential statistical analysis for the valuation of small businesses. [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Author of Pricing a Small Busines for Sale a Practical Guide for Business Owners, Business Brokers, Buyers, and Their Advisors. [/icon_list_item]




[icon_list_item type=”check”] MBA, San Francisco State University 4.0 GPA [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] BA, Management, Sonoma State University 3.9 GPA [/icon_list_item]


Business Mergers & Acquisitions Skills and Experience


[icon_list_item type=”check”] Certified business Intermediary (CBI) conferred by the International Business Brokers Association, (resigned from the IBBA 2007) [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Currently one of three people approved by the Neveda Real Estate Division to teach the Division’s mandated 24-hour course for the Business Opportunity Brokerage Permit. [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Currently a licensed real estate broker in Nevada & California[/icon_list_item]


Public Speaking and Training

Mr. Tatum is routinely invited to speak or conduct training seminars across the country. Some examples include:


[icon_list_item type=”check”] Guest Speaker,  National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Guest Speaker, New York Society Of CPAs [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Guest Speaker, Michigan Society Of CPAs [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Guest Lecturer, Sonoma State  University [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Guest Lecturer, University of Nevada, Reno [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Former Associate Professor of Management, Sonoma State University – Small Business Management [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Former Faculty, University of Phoenix, Reno Campus – Strategic Thinking [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Business Broker Trainer, Pioneer School of Real Estate, Carson City, Nevada [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course [/icon_list_item]




[icon_list_item type=”check”] Formerly Sergeant Tatum, First Air Cavalry Division, United States Army. [/icon_list_item]

[icon_list_item type=”check”] Decorated: Viet Nam Service Medal, Viet Nam Cross of Gallantry, Bronze Star [/icon_list_item]


Vietnam.Service.1 Gallantry.Cross.1